Charleston Engagement Photo Sessions

We've had couples ask us why they should book wedding packages that include engagement sessions. That is a great question! They aren’t mandatory and maybe you can even save a little by not doing them but it is better for all parties if you do. You don’t buy a car without a test drive. You don’t pick a cake without a tasting. You don’t make a a large financial commitment without testing the product. 

An engagement photo session is our interview for your wedding. They are the best way to connect with us and see what our process looks like. These photo sessions aren’t limited by the strict schedule on your wedding day and can feature fabulous locations and wardrobe changes. Charleston has a wide range of beautiful locations we can visit like Folly Beach, Magnolia Plantation, and our favorite Middleton Plantation. Some couples prefer a more casual look and invite their children and even pets to join the shoot - it’s up to you! 

This easy hour or two commitment makes a difference for the confidence you'll have in front of the camera and the comfort you'll have on your wedding day. You deserve a stress free special day surrounded by people you know, love, and trust. Our hope is after the engagement photo session this will include us. 

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